Learning Experience Designer

With the user in focus, I help agencies, brands and others develop learning concepts and create solutions that transform, produce inclusion and belonging.

Companies I have worked with:

Working remotely, based near Düsseldorf.

As a learning experience designer my strategy is always user-focused. I apply UX methodologies in the design of learning solutions, aligning customer needs and social engagement with business values and objectives. Through my ideas, research and investment in people, I conceptualise solutions that facilitate accessibility and transformation. Learning is at the core of all my service offerings as it drives efficiency, growth and change.

Minika's Story

During my BBC apprenticeship as an Editorial Coordinator, I developed a passion for adult education and learning processes and began my my career in Learning & Development. My role involved implementing seminars and workshops for editors, producers, directors among other staff to inform them of the BBC Editorial Guidelines and the impact on programming.  

On completion of my apprenticeship with the BBC, I worked for various media associated companies i.e. Channel 4, Sky Broadcasting and BARB, where I harnessed my writing, organisational, management, scheduling and communication skills.

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Learning is growth, it is the core of my philosophy. My motivation is driven by assisting people in their professional and personal development.

Minika Harrison

Minika Harrison